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    Now I had time to finish the video about the no load test. It is very quiet when there is nothing atached to the shaft.

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    Yesterday and today I 3D printed these wheels which will serve as machine wheels when it is time for the first turning job. Printing time: 7.5 hours each. Made out of three pieces each.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Have not yet decided if I will digitize my lathe or not. That decision will be made after some tests, and these wheels will be used until that decision is made.

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    If anyone is interested in the hand wheel, I made a video about it. There is also a link to more pictures and text and details about how to download the stl files in case you want to print and make one or two for yourself.

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    I am now ready with the actual basic design and first version of my DIY micro lathe. So far it's only for manual drive, and not really did any test run yet, but the machine is ready and usable as a manual lathe. Not tested yet, because I want some safety features before I make a real test cut, so it is still only cutting air, but any day from now, I'll see if it works or not, but I am quite confident that it will work as I planned and designed it for, mainly small aluminium and plastic parts. If I manage to cut steel also then that will be bonus. Will probably also use for grinding and some threading.

    Anyway, here is my latest video, showing the current status.

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    Very nice little lathe look forward to seeing it cutting.


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    Thank you. I will keep this thread updated and will definitely post about success or failure after the first cut.

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