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    It's looking very smart.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soyb View Post
    (no idea why the pictures are upside down, cannot seem to sort it out)
    That's funny, they're the right way up down here in Tasmania
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    Finally worked out how to get the photos up the right way! the website doesn't read the photo orientation meta data so I have to open them in good old fashion paint in windows 10, rotate to the correct way and then save and upload, sorry to the antipodean forum members but they should be up the right way from now on!

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    Latest up date, just finished the electronics, tested limit switches, working on feed rates.Will have it the right way up tomorrow.
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    Finished (albeit a bit of fettling). Waiting for a optilaser to clear cutoms, need to re cut the rear panel for power connectors, need to decide if I am going to use the AXBB-E to power spindle, need to to replace 1 proximity sensor on the Y axis after a issue homing with two sensors. I have now set it up to use use the same sensor to home the Y axis and slave C axis and manually square the Y axis. I have closed loop steppers so there should not be an issue with alignment. I have added the USCB so I can add a 4th axis if required.

    I think the machine has cost approximately 2000, and for that I have a CNC machine that is capable of cutting all the materials I use with an accuracy / reliability far greater than my Stepcraft. Compared to most machines on this forum it is in toy category but it is ideal for what I want it to do, I can use a laser attachment, vinyl cutter etc.

    Thanks to the forum for all the help, now to actually start doing some cutting!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks like a nice clean machine, well done.

    If you can I would put a WC spindle with vfd on it.
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