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    I have turned test piece, using topslide set as described and ...
    It would have probably been good enough for most other jobs,
    but I wasn't happy - I am blue all over :heehee: but the fit of the collets in the spindle is not up to my expectations .
    Mostly to do with the boring tool (stiff one was too big, and the next one I had, was too flexy). So need to make better one, just right for the job.
    Also will try another/better method of setting the angle.

  2. Also will try another/better method of setting the angle.
    Try chucking a test bar* - to give you an edge parallel to the centre line, then use a sine bar against the edge of your compound slide. If your compound slide has no reliable straight edges expose as much of the dovetail as you can (remove the slide if necessary) then use a rod in the V (make sure you use the none gibbed edge) to give you a straight edge to work from and a combination of 123 blocks and parallels to get it to the centre height.


    *or turn a long parallel section on any old bar between centres
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    thanks Bill,
    Good link and good advice!
    Haven't got sine bar, but intend to improvise using two ball bearing housings (on account of their accurate ground dia) and ground parallel bars.
    Easy to work out all the distances and even with vernier caliper accuracy of 0.01mm should give me reasonable result.
    Will report as soon as I have chance to try.

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