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  1. Hello,

    I have just helped a mate to replace the Y axis linear rails on a HAAS TM2. All went ok although was a bit stumped for a bit trying to sort out the side entry for the carriage lubrication connection. Didn't realise that you needed to pierce the plastic end mould to gain access to to lubrication gallery. I made a mistake of re-assembling the machine before looking in detail at the very noisy rails I took off. With some distractive disassembly I managed to look at the lubrication gallery inside the end cap of the carriage. It showed that the grease that HAAS recommends was only travelling to one side of the carriage only, the other gallery was blocked by dried out grease! This led me to wonder if the copper tubing and manifolds under the X axis on the HAAS could also be blocked! I have pumper through grease and from the outside it looks like it is going to all carriages, both sides and the Y axis ballscrew.

    On closer inspection of the old carriage the lubrication channel has a cut foam filler which on the face of it looks like it would block the passage of grease, my thought is that these carriages are designed to be Oil lubricated and not grease. I don't know the make of the original rails, no makers mark on them.

    Does anyone know what HiWin (HG-30mm) recommends as the preferred lubrication? Does the HiWin carriage has this foam insert inside the lubrication gallery?

    I have tried to find information but nothing yet. Off now to continue trawling the net.

    Regards Simon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cube3 View Post
    Does anyone know what HiWin (HG-30mm) recommends as the preferred lubrication?
    Lithium soap-based grease is what they state in manuals, so basically any lithium grease.
    Grease is often used on milling machines because it doesn't contaminate the coolant as much as oil causing what's often called "tramp oil" on the surface. Oil lubed rails are better if high feeds are being used but do cause more Tramp oil.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cube3 View Post
    Does the HiWin carriage has this foam insert inside the lubrication gallery?
    No, they don't have any foam or filters inside. I think you can buy things like this which replace the end caps, they even have self-oiling options which I think are little oil tanks that fasten on the ends.
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  3. Thank you Jazz,

    I did find a reference to Lithium based grease and oil in a PDF. The oil is stated between 30 and 150 cSt and 0.3 cm3 per hour!

    I was just confused by the foam insert and couldn't find reference to it in any HiWin literature. Great to know there is nothing like that in the HiWin replacement carriage.

    The machine is running a lot quieter on that axis and hopefully the surface finish will be far better in the Y travel.

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