I am a newcomer to this Forum, first impressions are favourable. I am still building a CNC Router machine that will have a working area of about 45x65 cm when finished.
Using good web sites I have built the machine using skateboard bearings and 8mm threads, almost all metal is stainless and the rest of the construction is plastic covered fiber board.....inspiration came from a really good web site.
I am using Sanyo 1.8 amp 200 step motors and an SMC800 driver board. Software will probably be Majorsoft.
I have recently finished the design of a stepper motor driver PCB for future use, it is fully opto isolated and uses the SLA7078MPR chips. All signals are shown using LEDs onboard. It is only a schematic at this time, but by next year I should be finished with testing and able to supply kits.
I was recently a guest of Bosch-Rechroth here in Germany, also being a German member of CNC-Arena, it was a great visit and very interesting to meet 80 odd of other CNC-Arena members that I have only conversed with online!!!
I will go again next year if such a seminar is again offered...it was simply fantastic.....I was the only "first language English" member there..all the rest were "First language German" from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as far as the webmaster knew!
PS.If you want to know why/where I found my name, you need to read Stephen King........and change "Der" to "The".....