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    Hey all, just wanted to say hi and go on a bit.

    I am a weekend nut job according to my long suffering wife and children. As I am always up in the garage building this and build that but never finishing anything,lol.

    Anyway I came up with a design I want to make but lack the ability to get the tight tolerances right by hand, to many bike crashes, so I invested in a small ebay cnc kit. It's only to make small plastic and plywood parts so bed size isn't a big issue.

    It's a 'Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine kit', anyone familiar with this kit?. Please don't tell me it's a lemon as I will run away rather than tell the Missus it's another dust collector :). It looked a good choice to lose my cnc cherry with and besides, I had an itchy trigger finger. I just need to source a psu, controller, rotary tool of sorts and figure out cad/cam, but i'm not sweating.

    Oh, and I am poor, well I have 3 children and a missus, yeah, you know where I am coming from. So I am on a very very tight budget to get this up and running.

    Anyway for now...Hello.

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    Hi Rebo

    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome Rebo !


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