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    Anyone figured out how to inexpensively source a Fogbuster into the UK? I see the US site doesn't even have on-line ordering - very old school.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alanambrose View Post
    Anyone figured out how to inexpensively source a Fogbuster into the UK? I see the US site doesn't even have on-line ordering - very old school.

    Not possible, Fogbusters are expensive even if bought in the UK. However, they are good.

    I think Stoney CNC in Ireland sells them.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanambrose View Post
    Anyone figured out how to inexpensively source a Fogbuster into the UK?

    Good luck with that one.
    I all but give up on sourcing machine related stuff in the u.k.

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    Stoney CNC do sell them - https://www.stoneycnc.com/cnc-compon...ooling-systems

    I made one for my old Novamill. They aren't complicated, and the key is in the pressurised coolant source and the mixer.

    Just done a quick search, and these are the plans I roughly followed - https://www.cnczone.com/forums/uncat...nt-mister.html
    And this was the coolant I used - https://www.johnnealeltd.co.uk/shopenvirocutse10.html
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    i followed the same design as m_c. It works really well and cost under 30

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    FWIW Sorotec in Germany stocks them on a 2 week wait.


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    OK a follow-up on Fogbuster for anyone looking at this:

    + I sourced one from Sorotec. As I said above, the key parts seem to be metric although there are a few 1/2" and 3/4" fittings in the kit just like any piped work in EU/UK. Note that it comes pretty much as a kit of parts to assemble. The main inlet air fitting supplied is a Euro / XF one (at least from Sorotec).

    + The instructions are badly written and not clear and I think the design needs a bit of refinement. Eventually I found that the product photos on the Sorotec site actually show how the thing goes together. The shortcomings are: (a) because of the placement of the gauge and the 'contents height tube' - the container / valve assembly is really designed to sit on the left of the spindle - I had originally planned for it to sit on the right, (b) you really need to use a clough42-like loc-line on a mill - you might get away with Fogbuster's magnet base on a lathe, (c) the things doesn't sit securely on its base and is top-heavy - so it needs a support of some kind.

    + I used something like clough42's loc-line and 3d printed holders for the flow valve assembly. That's *much* better than Fogbuster's magnet base idea. I'm going to use neat IPA in it (like Stefan G) as I do mostly aluminium. Also, i plan to fit a CNC-controlled on/off valve. I think Fogbuster should supply the loc-line / holder as standard or at least as options. Also, various support options to stop it falling over e.g. a base. Also you need a funnel to fill it, so put one in the kit please for a cost of 10c or at least tell your customers up front.

    + a gotcha - although I looked under a magnifier, I didn't twig that the 6mm->M5x0.8 shark-bite fittings take an internal 2.5mm key to tighten them. I had to order replacements from Cotswold. Did they put that in the assembly instructions - nah, why would they?

    Something I realised afterwards- I really wanted something to remove chips so I can leave the CNC-mill unattended for longer sessions and avoid chip re-cutting quality and breakage problems. While the Fogbuster will work well for that and I can see benefiting from MQL in some circumstances, I could have probably got away with a targeted and controlled air blast for 90% of my needs as I usually cut dry.

    I still have to use it in anger and there's a non-return valve niggle to sort. That's all for now though - if I remember I'll post back when I have some better experience with it.


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    p.s. I didn't see this before, but I see Stepcraft have an MQL system also:



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    I purchased a fog buster from American some time back. Save your money. It’s a next to useless bit of kit. In the end I made my own using a water filter and some fittings from eBay. Cost less then 25. The fog buster sits under the work bench collecting dust.

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