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    I'm the lucky owner of a JazzCNC 600x900, and whilst I have barely scratched the surface of what can be done with it, I am beginning to find ways to incorporate it into my work. Whilst I have of course cut signs, v-carved and made boxes with it, my main interest was to use it in furniture making in important but more subtle ways.

    Example is this glass and walnut coffee table. The slab of walnut had warped badly and flattening both sides would have left me with less than 15mm of thickness, so I had abandoned it in a corner. However with the CNC I first flattened the top (so much nicer on my CNC with built in dust collection than using an ad-hoc sledge). However then the operation specifically enabled with CNC was to flip the top and machine just two slots where the frame rails could sit. The rest of the underside could remain rough sawn and unfinished. I then added a dovetail housing as well.

    The underframe I made conventionally and machined the matching dovetailed rails on the router table till they were a snug fit. Slab tops could then be slid onto dovetails from either side....and top is held perfectly flat and level whilst able to move with seasonal expansion.

    The rebate for the glass was cut with hand router and bushing using the glass to make a template. I feel next level would be to use CNC to probe glass (wrap edge in Alu tape?) and use point cloud to map and cut rebate...anyone done something similar?
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