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    Quote Originally Posted by LevonTech18 View Post
    hello< any one share me a software from http://www.planet-cnc.com, i don't have a 64 Eur.. to get a full ver.. if i know'd the software is not free i'm not going to build it . it's to late i have totaly make , pcb,programed microchip Pic18f4550 ..
    Hi No sorry we dont do things like that here, if you want the software you will need to go and buy it like everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kroko View Post

    If anybody needs any assistence with controller of software I'll be glad to help.

    Welcome to the site Andrej, thanks for the support.

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    really nice software
    usb cnc i get my licence

    i build the pcb its very easy to build it


    im from tunisia if some 1 need more info contact me

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    Hi, im new here,
    i need to build one,
    if i build the board, buy the pc software,....how can i program the PIC-ic ? is the IC program free? its in *.bin or *.hex
    where can i get one?

  5. to program the PIC you need a programmer and you can download the firmware for the PIC for free from the planet CNC site. Programmers cost between 20 and 50USD on ebay, the cheap ones plug into a parallel port, the more expensive (like microchip's PicKIT2) are USB.

    Or you can by the PIC ready programmed for 11Euro and since you are buying the software this would be the easiest and cheapest way to do it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kroko View Post

    If anybody needs assistance with controller I can help.


    Hi Andrej
    I have a Proxxon MF70 that I cnc'ed using a usb controller (4axis mk 1 I think) and generally i have been very happy with it and the software. I have a problem with G2 and G3 circular interpolation. No matter what I do I seem to be only able to make a quarter circle from say x0 to x10 y0- y10 with a 10mm rad. To go from x10 - 20 y10 - y0 10mm rad is mostly ok but going from x20 - x10 y0 - y-10 and
    it starts making snake patterns and looses location of 0 datum point. I don't have any problem doing very detailed engraving and linier interpolation. Hope you can help.
    Phil Gravett (Philcraft Steam)

  7. Hi

    Please send your .settings and problematic g-code to my email.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfoot08 View Post
    Hello all

    During i've found this website :


    i've download the PCB and the firmware, i've start to build my card, but some component are missing, i will need to buy it and after to do the test.

    when i will finishing i will share you how it's working

    have a nice day

    The above link could not be opened

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deremi View Post
    The above link could not be opened
    The thread is 8 years old. There' little reason these days to DIY a controller. Either PC with software or a GRBL board off eBay (and I'm not recommending the latter).

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    Grbl with stm32 is working good . But u need skills to program it and electronics to make board .

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