Hello everyone, glad to see the forum is still vibrant with lots of help and interesting builds, not been on here for a while and I have still yet to switch the big ooznest workbee up.

2 items which are really playing on my mind are spindle choice and the controller. I have built the kit from scratch and installed the duet but not even switched it on. After watching various youtube tutorials it just doesnt seem like a decent controller to me, my other machine uses a planet cnc controller which works great. No silly macro's ect.

I am just wondering if it would be better for me to just buy a external cnc controller off ebay such as this one:


im not sure ig I would need anything else such as drivers for the motors? one advantage is that I could input the program off line so no danger of lost steps or pc crashes. I need to get this machine up and running asap so any help would be most appreciated.

thanks all