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    Does anyone else get the message at the top left of the browser window which shows this site to be 'Not secure' ?

    Is it because the address is www.mycncuk.com/ rather than https:www.

    I'm on Win10 with MS Edge browser if that makes a difference.
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    Same displayed on chrome for me too.

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    Yeah, I'm a Firefox & Linux user, and not concerned.

    Plus I'm not giving out banking, CC details or anything like that. :)

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    Same here running the MS Edge 93.0.961.38 chromium browser under Win10.

    I'm guessing it might cost more to run as a secure site?

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    Yeah spot on routercnc, it's because it uses the older http rather than the more secure Https:// - in order to use Https you need to pay for a certificate. It's a bit pointless here when we're talking about routers and not doing our internet banking, but the boffins that be at Microsoft and Google have decided it's best to declare anyone who doesn't pay extra for the security certificate (and the encrypted communications that enables) as insecure. It's kinda useful if you're about to divulge your bank details but otherwise....

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    HTTPS doesn't have to cost any more. The Cloudflare service is free & you can use it wherever your site is hosted. It's more of a technical headache to migrate the site from HTTP to HTTPS. Its worthwhile though because search engines like Google are beginning to penalize HTTP sites & some users are put off by the browser warning messages.

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