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    never had this problem before because it was just a matter of selecting the hole diameter of one object and mating it with another hole and they would both match up bang on. however i cant seem to do it this time because the cad model i downloaded the holes are split into 2 pieces as shown in the pic, so when i am mating and i select 1 half of the hole it doesn't align up with my plate holes.

    any tips please?


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    U can make a sketch , and select circle , and there u can select a 3 point circle , after that u can make a coincident point on the circe u want to make inside .

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    Thank you i will try this

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    The other thing I'd try is using a concentric mate rather than a bog standard coincident faces mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyUK View Post
    The other thing I'd try is using a concentric mate rather than a bog standard coincident faces mate.
    this worked perfectly thank you

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