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    Hello All
    I have a jmc180w servo with intergrated brake and would like to connect it to my AXBB-E controller. I have 24 volts available for the AXBB-E andf that is the requirement to turn the brake on and off. What I would like to know is what is the best way to connect the brake. This will be for the Z axis to stop the spindle rolling down. Would the servo hold on it's own when the system is turned on/powered up ? any suggestions gratefully accepted, a wiring diagram would be nice. There is a wiring diagram in the AXBB-e manual https://www.cncdrive.com/downloads/AXBB_E_manual.pdf but no mention of a brake connection. thanks in advance.


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    Yes, the servo will hold the Axis when powered, if it didn't then it wouldn't be much use to you.
    The most common way to operate the brake is to simply activate the brake when the Servo drive powers up, usually this is done using a timer relay, so the brake is released a few seconds after the motor energizes. If you activate the brake at the same time as the drive's power up there can be a slight delay before the Motor takes hold and this can cause the axis to drop slightly which in some cases is enough to cause a servo fault.

    Without seeing how your control box is setup then can't help much with wiring but it's simple enough, just wire the timer relay so it turns on when the drives turn on, set the timer for 1s or 2s, run the 24V for brake through the Relays NO contacts and after the timer expires it contacts will close and it will release the brake. When the Drives turn off the relay will turn off and the brake will take hold again.
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    Hi Dean

    Thanks for that. I'm just starting on working out a wiring diagram so am trying to get as much information up front to reduce cockups at a later stage.

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