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    Hello, I'm looking for a small cnc machine that can handle light (hobbyist) work such as 1mm aluminium or pvc. So an engraving machine really, but I want to cut profiled holes in box section material. I've looked at new bottom end stuff on eBay & Amazon but it's too light weight to do aluminium or it doesn't have the clearance to get box section under.
    So I'm hoping someone might have some second hand equipment to sell that's a bit bigger and has more power.
    I'm near Bristol. Here's hoping. Thanks, Matthew.

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    hi Matthew sent you a pm

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    Matts. I have a Denford Starmill converted to linuxcnc (or mach3 if you prefer but linuxcnc Is far better) with a nice slim line PC and 15Ē tft screen
    It is a in its original Denford case and other than one very small tool mark on the bed is extremely clean
    It comes with the original Denford electronics cabinet and is set up for probing
    It is a heavy sturdy mill but I transported it in the back of an Audi A2. It is a two man lift to move it
    The spindle is R8 which means there are a lot of tooling options available and all cheap, I used collet chucks and I will let one go with the machine but you would need to buy your own set of collets R25 or R32 I canít recall under £30 for a set or just buy the specific collet you need for your tool dia size
    Iíve machines ally. steel, brass, plastics and stainless steel on it with out any problems
    Email me at. paul at whittlefamily dot Co dot uk
    Cheers. Paul

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