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    Hi all,

    We're not just ready to sell this yet as we have to get a disposal of assets form completed from our authority and it can take a few weeks however we're curious as to the price this should be going for?

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    Hi Conor

    you can search for past sales of the Boxford lathes 240 and 250s on eBay or other forums. There is a 240PC on ebay at present but it has no spindle and hence I think the price will come down further. The limiting factor with these lathes is that unlike Denford, for example, Boxford will not support non-educational users and there is very limited online information and no non-educational access to the software. Most buyers are then looking at trying to figure out the hardware and then convert to an alternative controller, eg Mach 3.

    What is the history of this one and does it have a tool turret or any accessories?

    PM me, when you know more, as I might be interested and I'm probably not too far away from you

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    Might seem a bit of conflicting advice but I and others have bought the operating software for Boxford cnc machines direct from Boxford and have had assistance with various issues (mostly caused by my inexperience) for a few years now. Admittedly it is costly, around 600 I think, but it gets the machine up and running very quickly and with the security of support if needed.
    Some owners have changed/upgraded theirs to closed loop or servos with different operating systems to get the machine running at today’s rates, but me - well I’m quite happy at 2000mm/min and 4000rpm (no ambition) ��

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    If this does become available/ isn't already sold, i might also be interested. Would be good to know if it has any automatic tool change capability :)


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