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    Hello from the West of Ireland

    I recently bought a LIghtening 2000D plasma table, used but originally made by Espirit. Unfortunately it looks like a card on the Edge controller is gone. Waiting to hear about a replacement. Worst case sceanario, I will need to find another Edge controller or try and get the card repaired. Have been told the card cannot be repair. Many moons ago studied electronics, find that it would be totally unrepairable a little difficult to swallow...

    All advice welcome and looking forward to being an active forum member.

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    Iím not an expert on plasma tables but I guess the principles of CNC machines are all the same. Iíve not heard of that make either but posting some pictures of the control boards here should get a response. There might be some obvious component that can be a weak point and worth changing out. Or at the other end of the cost scale it could mean replacing all the electronic components to a newer system. Depending on what you have this might also involve a control software change too. Donít know what bespoke software came with that package.
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