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    hi all
    i am mike from essex
    since being retired i have been building a workshop which has been sucessfull
    finally i have manged to get a lathe, needs a bit TLC but it will be good when working
    i will be building antenna, radio equipment and other bits as well
    happy to answer any questions
    regards mike

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  3. Hi Mike,

    I am also in Essex, been mucking about with machine tools for a long time.

    I guess that you are involved in Amateur radio in some way. I played with that 20 us years ago, strung a long aerial across my garden. Did a little listening but not much more.

    Ran some CNC lathes back in the 90s, built a router few years ago. Now just playing in the shed making small 2 stroke diesel parts.

    Do you have any specific reasons for joining here? It's all very friendly here 99 times out of a 100 :)

    Enjoy the forum
    Regards Simon

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    Many thanks for your message. Yes I am well into ham radio, my story regarding lathes. I use to use one at school and said i gotta get one of these. Now retired and needing to get and make bits. Finally I found a lathe that I think will be OK for me and the price was right too. Its a Holbrook Edgar and seems to be pretty good. I do have 1 issue (at the moment) with it. It does not have a toll post. I was hoping someone here can advice me which post I shoud get, most of the info I have pictures show the lather without a tool post.

    What you are doing sounds pretty good, as long as you are enjoing you making diesel parts thats good. Its also good to meet someone from essex, i am in basildon.
    all the besst

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    Do you have one of the lathes as shown in these pictures Mike? http://www.lathes.co.uk/edgar/index.html

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    Yes the top picture is the one I have, but the treedle has been removed and its now powered by a moter 240V

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    OMG what a super little lathe, I keep an ML10 for when I get nostalgic but it's not a patch on that


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    Its solid and has not had much use, just needs a clean reoil, its in bits in my garage just awaiting to complete the woodwork in the shed, than it will be set up for use.Its also super heavy as well but no tool post, hoping someone here has one with a tool post. Hopefully a multi change post. So that I can get the right item for the edgar

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    Mike have a look here: https://groups.io/g/holbrook/topics all about Holbrooks you can join and get all the info you need, I have a small CB8 best lathes you can get


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    Many thanks for the info, I am trying to join the group
    see you on the group phil

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