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    We're on the lookout for a Boxford ACL or Myford based Conect lathe that isn't total scrap. An ORAC or smaller Cyclone may also be considered, although we would prefer a Boxford or Myford based machine as we have a lot of experience repairing and overhauling the manual machines they're based on. The minimum is a decent bed as the cost of a regrind isn't worth it with these machines, hence not considering the machines that have been on Ebay recently.

    The reason for wanting one of these machines in particular is size wise they would fit in the limited space we have perfectly. We're in Portsmouth and would be willing to travel a couple of hours for the right machine at the right price.

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    Hey mate ,
    If you are still interested in buying the one of the machine you mentioned , I got one of it , which is boxford ACL, still in good condition and a reasonable price , text me on my mail , Collinsr245@yahoo.com


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