I'm new. I've just inherited a Boxford 160 TCL lathe from yr 2000 which appears to be operational but I don't have the software (or computer) run it in CNC mode.

I'm trying to get hold of a licensed copy of their software (see the wanted ads) but so far with no success (it has only been a day). I've spoken to Boxford and it appears that they may not have any archive material available and so far they're not suggesting any alternative avenues to explore to get it running other than reconfigure the electronics to bring it up to date - at a cost of circa 5k!

IF I were to be able to negotiate a license code out of them would anyone on here have a copy of the original vintage software I could have a copy of? My plan is to set up a vintage laptop to run firebroken in Windows XP and utilise it just like it was yr 2000.

Oh and does it work ok? I've seen some YT videos and have just got a workbook off eBay and it seems simple enough.