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    Trying to find where to buy these from or if possible I could get them made from someone? They are cylindrical spacer and grub screws but can't find these exact ones.

    Thank you

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    They don't look like off-the-shelf parts, they look custom made so I think you'll need to have them made.
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    Do you know what price range i would be looking at for 8 sets of these made on average? They are for my dad, I've already told him having things custom made can be expensive.


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    If we knew what they were for, it would help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    If we knew what they were for, it would help.
    They are spaces for marble dining tables, they go between the base and the table too.


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    have a look at sign stand-offs like these:

    Sign stand offs
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