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    Greetings. Sorry to disturb you. I am running an European project called Bucharest Aerospace Museum (which also appeared on AVBUYER Europe magazine, june 2021). It's a free, totally nonprofit and educational project. For this initiative, I am trying to build a Mustang Replica for outdoor display. Can someone help me and cut me for free on the CNC this part/piece which I attached on the link from 18 mm plywood leftovers ? It's totally safe! Many thanks.


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    I took a look at the file and it wouldn't be a huge project to cut the part.It would be helpful to have a little more information of the type of plywood if there are any special requirements.The sad thing is that from a British perspective-and this is primarily a British focused site-sending goods to the EU is more complicated than it used to be.
    This gives some of the information https://personal.help.royalmail.com/...g-items-abroad . It also isn't a particularly cheap thing to do https://www.parcelmonkey.co.uk/international/romania .

    You might find somebody nearer Romania if you post something similar on https://www.cnczone.com/forums/ as it is a more International site .It certainly seems to be an interesting project and I wish you success with it.

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    Many thanks for your kind thoughts, @routerdriver. And for your intention to help. If you cut it, send me a picture and keep it. I need a few more like that. When they are all cut, I will handle the shipping, no problem, I have truck drivers who are my friends and they deliver cargo weekly from Europe to UK and viceversa. One of them can meet with you, take the parts and send them over.

    This is not a major problem.

    The second problem that you raised, being helped by my fellow nationals, it does not simply exist such a thing. My people are caught in the past, there is no such thing as charity or good deed for them in this domain. Waiting for your reply!

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    Sorry. I almost forgot. You can cut it from plywood leftovers of 18 mm thickness. Any type of plywood is good, birch, oak etc... Something which is both hard, resistant and light. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    I am currently trying to catch up with making some things that have been delayed by the late arrival of some hardware and will be occupied for some weeks to come as I have deadlines to meet.I hope that in that amount of time you may have found a source for the parts and will have the project at a more advanced stage.It may be that by then somebody will have come forward a little nearer Romania and I see that you have the same appeal on the cnczone forum which has an impressive number of members all over the world.

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    Why don't you try localy?

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