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    Slow progress but lots of fun...

    Problem: The oil fed slide Z axis is so overloaded by motor overhang it cannot be relied on to move down tiny distances.

    Solution: Replace the slide with profile rails.

    Problem: If I make it any thicker/wider my 612 will quickly turn into a 611. I am limited to 1/2" steels and 20mm rails.

    Picture shows profile rails next to original dovetails. Square shows I have lost about 3mm. Would have been 5mm but I sank the rails 2mm down into the plate to keep them square.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now I have to trim the ends off the rails. I think I may be able to band saw it? These are not pukka rails, these are a 44 for two with 2 extra carriagesblocks, Chinesium special. If I hit the end with a file it cuts.

    Good thing about a 20mm rail is that you can fix it down with 6mm cap heads, if you don't mind reducing the head diameters by 0.6mm

    Thanks for listening


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    Can you cut a cheap, 20mm, profile rail with a bandsaw?

    Let's find out


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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post
    Can you cut a cheap, 20mm, profile rail with a bandsaw?

    Let's find out

    It will cut very easily with a 1mm 110mm disc
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    Angst. Dropped the blooming thing, luckily onto floorboards rather than concrete.
    Broke a plastic wiring box cover and bent the ball screw.
    Still time to shop before Xmas, 16 for a new screw, jolly annoying though

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