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    hello all
    adrian is my name and i live in ireland.
    i have just spent some time browsing this forum and it is awesome.
    i am trying to decide on some details for my first build, will be sure to start a thread about it when i eventually get started.
    anyway, just thought i would pop in and say hello:wave:

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    Hello wires,

    Glad you're enjoying the forum... Welcome!

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    Hello Adrian welcome. :wave:


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    Hi mate welcome !

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    i have to say the ammount of information on here is daunting. hiltonsteve has been kind enough to help me out with a few decisions. my budget is limited, as is the case with most people these days, and a good portion of that is going towards a controller and steppers.

    at the moment i cannot afford linear bearings or ballscrews but i might upgrade in the furure.

    i guess i just need to set aside 10 or 12 hours to browse all the threads and take some notes.

    thanks guys


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