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    Hello all.

    I'm trying to identify the correct values for this capacitor. It's a 2 spade pin capacitor from a motor on a compressor I acquired and I'm trying to get it back to a fit state to use. There's so many out there but they are 4 pins and I don't want to fit the wrong one.

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    You're going to have to do some guess work, as it looks like the capacity and voltage markings have worn off.
    I'd guess there are probably guides for capacitor sizing if you know the rating of the motor.

    The number of connectors won't make any difference to how it functions, as 4 spades just means each of the terminals has two connectors.
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    So its a 2hp motor. Would a 240v 500-580 F be the correct one for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobC View Post
    So its a 2hp motor. Would a 240v 500-580 F be the correct one for it?
    40-50 uf should do the job. Don't forget to get the voltage right.

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