Hi everyone!

Been a while since I logged in to the forum and I am glad to see it is still going as strong as ever.

Most of you will know that my company sells small machine tools, 3D printing stuff and the ever popular Ethernet Smoothsteppers.

Wanted to let you all know that we have just received a shipment of our EMV-25VBB mills and will be able to ship them out in the beginning of January.

The machines are proving to be popular with their owners. Although we are a small player, our agent out in China cherry picks the castings for us.
All come with R8 spindles so you can also use our TTS type tooling.

Regarding CNC conversion, well, you have already seen the Precision matthews and Grizzly machines being converted, but we have designed a kit that gives you C5 ballscrews and ellimnates the need to machine the castings. Pre-orders for the 2022 batch are now open!


Finally, should you wish you had bought a machine with a R8 spindle cartridge we have stock of cartridges that may fit your machine too:

You can also see what we are up to on our socials like Instagram

With that, I wish you all the warmest of Christmas Wishes, continued health and happiness.

Hopefully we will all return to normality in 2022!