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    Have installed homing switch's in mach 3 but cant seem to get them to work
    in ports and pins have put the following for a mach3 breackout board usb type
    enable x home on port 3 pin1 active low off emulated on have the same settings for other home switches
    how ever machine axis don't stop or reverse back


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    You are not giving us enough information to help you.? What BOB is it and what type of switches. Saying USB Bob doesn't help as there are many different manufacturers of USB Bob's and each can be slightly different, do you have a datasheet or link to where you got it.? Same with switches, many types with different connections, what do you have.?
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    Thanks for getting back to me sorry info i have is BSMCEO4U-pp
    its a mach3 breack board NO DATA SHEET with it
    also mila amz limit lever switchs ME-8108 Rating:
    5A 250V AC / 0.4A 115V DC
    Contact Configuration: 2NC + 2NO
    Momentary Actuator Action
    Package Content : 1 x ME-8108 Limit Switch + 1 x ME-8104 Limit Switch
    i am using input 2 for auto tool it works ok
    i am using input 3 for limit switch works ok
    i am using input 4 for homing when makes contact switch lights up motor does not stop or reverse
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    Ok, I know the board you are using it's not just a simple breakout board it's actually a combined 100khz motion controller and breakout board. You have movement so the mach3 plugin must be working so won't get into that.

    The switches are simple lever types so no special requirements really. Simply connect one wire to Gnd and the other to the input.
    Port 3 is correct and so are the pins 1 to 4, (turn off emulated) Now because the limits on pin 3 work then I would first try switching the homes to this input and see if anything changes. If not it could be a plug-in issue.?
    To confirm you could switch the Limits to pin 4, if they work then you know the input is good and the problem is elsewhere, if not then it could be a blown input.

    Now I know with other external motion controllers that the homing duties are usually taken away from mach3 and the plug-in handles them so it could be this that is causing the issue.? So first thing to do is reinstall the plug-in. Or it could be that the plug-in doesn't support homing or works differently from the norm.?

    Other than that I can't help other than to say throw it in the bin and buy a decent motion controller, these Chinese things are rubbish and USB isn't reliable, so together they don't make a great controller.
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

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