I am not a new member really but have mostly lurked around on the forum on and off for quite a while. Initially I planned building a gantry style CNC but I recently got hold of an Emco F1P CNC without electronics (but steppers, spindle motor).

Next step for me now is to figure out what control system I should use, Mach3/4, LinuxCNC, Centroid or UCCNC or something else?

Finding a suitable replacement for the original steppers and associated drivers is also on the list. I suppose much has happened in the past few years. Maybe closed loop steppers or even servos could be a viable option but a bit unclear what the advantages would be on my specific machine?

A new driver for the 180V DC spindle motor is also needed.

In many posts I have read, people suggest not being too cheap in the beginning as that will cost you more in the end so I hope to avoid some of that by getting advice.

My background is in software development (especially 3D graphics) and mechatronics/firmware.

Best Regards,