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    Hi all,

    I currently have a Boxford VMC190 which has been converted to Mach4. My problem is the spindle speed is too slow for machining very small parts, I believe it runs at max of approx 2600rpm. I am therefore looking to upgrade to a more rigid machine with larger footprint.

    If you have anything that may be of use please get in touch.



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    Have you considered fitting a secondary higher speed spindle alongside, for smaller, higher speed work? A router or high speed cartridge perhaps. I'm not speaking from experience, just observing what others have done.

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    I stripped down the current spindle to see if I could up the rpm but never actually thought of adding 2nd spindle.. Shall look into as another option.


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    Here's an example

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    The 1.5kw spindle looks like it may fit on the side of the head but in the back of my mind I am wondering if I could possibly utilise the original headstock and replace the original motor. It would be interesting to know how good the original bearings are and if they could take the extra rpm.



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