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    Denford micromill in good condition, many sample photos on the internet and advice there on mach3 type conversion and I can also advise. Much of the electronics required is actually in the cabinet. These machines are very solid but quite 'dinky' in size, an ideal model makers machine. 350 cash on collection from Aylesbury Bucks. This advert is my conscience speaking or a reminder to build it up myself if there are no takers. Thanks for reading Pete

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    Very interested in the mill.
    From what I have read, is it just a parallel breakout board I would require to interface with it?
    If you haven't sold It by mid-March there is a chance I might be able to collect it then.


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    Graham, I think you are right, I even bought a 62pin connector (you only use about 8 of the pins) You remove the piggy back Denford i/p board to use this - but 'life' got in the way, (and I'm retired!). It seems If it wasn't for my oasis of engineering enthusiasts location, Aylesbury Bucks, it would of sold several times but enquiries all come from Manchester or further North. To be honest if only I had a little more space, as they don't come up very often, I would keep it! I have used a 8 breakout board and Mach 3 on a lathe conversion, with old parallel port XP computer hence my enthusiasm to get the mill going.
    Not doing a hard sell but I have to be honest and say I will sell on a first come (with lovely cash) first served basis- but Mid March is not far away.
    Best Regards

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    Hi Pete,

    I'm also located up north - but might be venturing darn south in a few weeks.
    Fingers crossed it is still available (I will keep my eye on this thread), and if not, no worries!


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    Graham, good to meet today/thanks for the money- best wishes and good luck with the Denford Micromill.

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