God bless You,
I have connected "ARC Ok", "ARC Up" and "ARC Down" outputs to AXBB-E. During cutting torch moves up and down for a while.
Then torch doesn't cut or move and measured voltage in THC rises until 3 hyphens show up.

Here are Proma THC 150 parameters:
- delay time: 1 s,
- hysteresis voltage: 2 V,
- high voltage (voltage of main/cutting arc): 200V.

And SheetCam parameters:
- feed rate: 1500 mm/min,
- pierce delay: 0.5 s,
- plunge rate: 1250 mm/min.

Material thickness is 2 mm. I think I should change pierce delay and delay time.
What else (if anything) must I change to make torch cut with reaction to detected height?