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    I have just joined up:
    At the bottom end of New Zealand .(Worlds Fastest Indian Town!) I Work 200 kms up the road in Dunedin with Helicopters and f/wing aircraft.
    Weekends are back to Inv. and my workshop is in a now unused shed, which was a 15 side herring bone dairy that I built up and manually dug out when 20 years old.
    However the interior has changed and houses big VDF lathe: Cincinatti Mill:
    CNC Shizuoka - ex UK ten years ago: Adcock and Shipley Small mill : Surface grinder: T & W Capstan lathe. Box ford small lathe: Boxford shaper.
    Recent purchase is aTakisawa nc lathe that sits on what was the milk silo/tank area. Any info on the conversion to modern systems would be appreciated.
    My Matchmaker/Shiz. runs AHHA system and 800 in/oz steppers . The Taki has two servos. - Hydraulics on chuck, two toolposts and tailstock, is 1988 vintage and in good condition and is a longer term project- all machines are three phase .
    I'm building up a Haynes Roadster at nights in Dunedin with 2 litre F.I Toyota- this is a Lotus seven copy with independant suspension.
    Other work is finishing of a 1/4 scale Burrell traction as repayment for 25 hours Hy-Mac hire for the filling in of my now unused dairy sewage ponds.
    The owner has a full sized engine as well, and I cut the drive gears, make the valve eccentrics and rods, and the many other small bits to finish this engine.
    Have been involved with vintage aircraft at Mandeville and flew Dominee, Fox, Gypsy, and Tiger Moth while chief pilot there.-Never a Chipmunk though! -Face another commercial medical next month - getting harder to keep up at 67+. Neil Robertson Invercargill NZ

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    Hello Neil. Welcome to the forum and its good to hear you're taking it easy.

  3. Hi Neil,

    Welcome. I gave you your very own new member thread...


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    Hello Neil. Welcome. :wave:


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    Hi Neil, welcome to the site mate.

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