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    i know this is going to sound a bit daft but it is a serious question i'm afraid

    can any of you think of a way of converting audio to g.code?

    i was thinking about the LEDs you get on some sterios showing the volume of differant chanels from green up to red

    now if i could find a way of translating that to stepper motors turning from 0 to around 190 degrees i could make a friend of mine very happy and i could even get a job out of it:naughty:

    any thoughts would be apreciated


  2. You don't need to convert to g-code: All you'd need is a small mpu (like an AVR or a PIC) that will output appropriate pulses to a stepper/servo driver (actually it'd be possible to drive a small stepper with just a few transistors and a PIC)

    If you are just trying to display volume like say a PPM or VU meter it would work, but most steppers will be too slow for a VU. A peak meter would be OK-ish I suppose.

    What you really need is one (or more, lots more ;)) of my VFDs to make your meter.

    [ame=""]YouTube- VFD[/ame]

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    thanks for the input but i feel i'm suffering from de jar vooo

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    sorry billtod, my sarky comment was aimed at the standard mycncuk reply

  5. Try posting in the PIC or electronic sections of the forum. I think it's only the new member area that generate the auto answer message :)

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    i don't suppose you could elaborate on how i would rig that up could you? i'm realy dumb with electrics (the devils business if you ask me)

  7. What exactly is your need? If I read you right, what you are asking is what virtually every car dashboard does today... the speedo and rev counters are stepper motors driving the nedle... It not hard to achieve...

    If you dont mind I shall move this thread to the problems area...

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    Thanks for moving this post Iving,

    I knew this was a silly question and its probly not even appropriate for this forum but as i'm in the early stages of getting all the stuff to build my own cnc machine i've got stepper motors on my mind, so when my friend who is organising a festival in portugal approched me about rigging up some sort of fire display the first thing that came to mind was gas torches controlled by stepper motors

    i'm sure i could use mach3 to run some motors for some random affects but if i could get the steppers to move in time to the music i would be 'the man'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Brown View Post
    i'm sure i could use mach3 to run some motors for some random affects but if i could get the steppers to move in time to the music i would be 'the man'
    Hi Dan,

    I'm going to start off my conversion by running the steppers from an Arduino Duemilanove board which is a small processor with lots of IO and is easy to program. It has analog inputs which you could use to sample the sound and should directly drive a stepper controller from it's digital outputs.

    They're programmed in C using a PC to compile and download the program which is then self sufficient. Big advantage is cost - 25 + whatever the analog circuits cost (probably not much more than a fiver) and simplicity (it's programmed via a USB cable which can also act as a serial link for basic debugging).

    You will need to be able to program in C (or C++) though or find a tame programmer but there is a good support forum for it.

    I should know more in a couple of weeks - I'm expecting a 3 axis System4 setup to arrive just in time for Christmas :-)


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    thanks Mark, that dos sound interesting although i've now idea about programming,

    i really wish i could get my head around all this a bit better

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