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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Ok, now I can see the connector properly I can tell you that it's exactly the same connector as the pics I posted.
    So in your original post, the 2nd pic is correct if viewed from the front. BUT the manual diagram is also correct when viewed from the rear of the connector as you would normally wire the connector.

    As in the 'plug-in to the drive' side is configured as long rows......
    The solder tabs on the back 'cable side' are configured as the diagram.

    Just make sure you solder the numbers in the correct order.

    I'd prob get a pre-made scsi cable at needed length and chop one end off. Then use a meter to mark up the pin numbers on the cut ends.
    That's me being too idle to solder though!.

    There are breakout /screw terminal connector pcbs you can use if you want to keep both ends of a cable intact.
    Male or female depending on application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    and the diagram in the manual is shown as if you are viewing from the rear, not the front which is where I think you are possible getting confused.?
    Ah yes I now see what you are saying, I have a cable already I wanted to know the pin numbering from the FRONT of the cable connector. I didn't realise that they looked different from the back.

    The cables I have are the 4th pic in my original post. So I wanted to cut off the NON-Servo connector (36 pin serial) and trace back the signal with a multimeter and re-use them.

    Looking from the back (like you say) then it does match what I thought on the servo 1 - 18 down the left side and 19 to 38 down the right side. Which will match the from of the FRONT of the servo.

    thank you very much - sorry for not clicking sooner
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemo1966 View Post
    thank you very much - sorry for not clicking sooner
    No problem, Servo manuals are not the clearest of things, and if you are not used to these things it's not always obvious. The good thing is your sorted now.
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