Itís an HPC laser machine and you can read more details about it here.
HPC Laser

It runs from a memory stick on Vectric Cut 2D pro software you can import Dxf, illustrator and other files into this software for cutting. This is a PC based software and you will need to buy a separate license for this. The hand controller and software is intuitive and has been quite straightforward to learn. We started learning with no previous experience and picked it up quite quickly! We are guessing you know what you're doing!

It runs on a 13amp socket and we have it hooked up to our dust extraction in our workshop. So it doesnít come with the extraction unit.

We bought the machine in August 2020 so it is 15months old. It's been super for prototyping and production runs and it's been in regular use throughout this time with no problems. We have some cutters and collets to pass on.

When it was delivered it came in a Citroen relay van and came off on ramps on a pallet truck.
The machine runs perfectly and Hpc are based in Halifax and can offer training and support if needed.
We are only selling because we have upgraded to another HPC Laser machine.

Collection is from 23 A Kenyon Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. B18 6AR

We are looking for £2800.00 to be paid by bank transfer before collection.

If you would like to see it working, you would be very welcome to visit our workshop.