Hi all,

the project is taking shape, first drawings and more questions...

Rough working area :
X- 470mm
Y- 750mm
Z- 240mm

The gantry is L shaped 80 x 120 heavy profile and its running on two 80 x 200 heavy profiles in the Y axis. The bed is 20 x 180 profile on top of 80x40 profile.
20mm linear rails, 1610 and 1605 for Z ball-screws.

I would like to be able to work primarily in aluminum, cutouts in 3mm to 10mm thick aluminum sheets. Plastic sheets and wood. Cutting wood is the reason of high Z travel capability.

Z design doesn't follow usual advice for fixed bearings and moving rails because I need full Z extension from the table to the gantry.
I tried to overcome the lost of rigidity with side brackets on Z plates. Would this works? Or should I stay with usual design?

In my understanding stiffness shouldn't suffer at low Z where X and Z axis bearings are close from each other. Alu cutting will be at low Z close to the bed. High Z will be for wood cutting where stiffness demands are less. Does this makes sense?


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