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    I`m going to try the masking tape and glue hold down method, do I use any masking tape and super glue

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    Yes, ordinary masking tape works, we use it all the time without any issues, but the blue painter's tape works best.
    Any cheap superglue will work.
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    +1 for blue tape. I get bottles of superglue from B&Q -


    Works well, lasts well, so economical.

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    Toolstation is where you need to be, less that half B&Q price and top class stuff, high or low viscosity.


    They also have the blue masking tape.
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    I'll remember that when I'm next in a Toolstation, but what I'd save on tape & glue I'd more than spend on petrol...

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    Toolstation has a low free delivery threshold 25. The stupid thing is that if you have 20 in the basket, it is either spend another fiver or pay the same anyway. I just fill up the 25 with masking tape, superglue or wall plugs.

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    I used to get the blue 3m stuff but it gets expensive, now I buy yellow stuff from a car paint supplier.

    Its called Q1 and works out about 1.50 a roll if you buy a whole box, really good for that price.


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