This is Fach-Met based in Poland wanting to interest you - the leader in your sector - in our services as of a prospective business partner of yours.

We boast having acquired a good reputation, mainly for our in-hose quality control assuring the parts and components we produce are made with high precision.

As we believe we can meet all your standards, we would like you to consider coworking with our highly experienced and qualified team.

On a more personal note, Iím more than certain youíre going to appreciate our accuracy and skill, as well as our principles: Like yourselves, we apply unique solutions and venture to work across the world.

Numerous clients of Fach-Met are prepared to confirm that with the quality we produce precision components Ė metal and plastic Ė we assure their performance and reliability.

If you will take a moment to visit , youíll find it of interest to learn more about what we do and how we operate.

Gregor Gzyl
M: +48 721 849 441