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    I have owned a hobby CNC for a few years, mostly used to fabricate jigs etc for my guitar building hobby. Some months ago I decided to build my own CNC from the ground up and mechanically it has turned out senstationally well. My limitation is with respect to electronics and this is where I will be looking for a lot of info and probably asking a bunch of really dumb questions. Other than that I have a mechanical engineering backgroaund and involved on a day to day basis in the development of medical devices - mostly in plastic.

    Cheers for now,


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    Hi Mirko, nice to see another antipodean on the forum. I'm across the water near Devonport, Tasmania.

    The only dumb question is the one you don't bother to ask. I've built my own machine from scratch and the help and advice from members of this forum was invaluable in making it a success.
    I'm currently building an electric guitar, though the project is stalled at the moment due to other commitments, which I hope to enter in the Great Guitar build Off this year and am interested in using my machine for making jigs to help build an acoustic guitar next.

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    Hi Mirko
    Welcome to the forum, hopefully you have not purchased the motors or power supplies yet, if you can weigh the gantry and ask the question some of our more knowledgable members will hopefully chip in with regards to motor size and suitable power supplies and screw pitch, also washout has a whole load of videos on manufacturing guitar's

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the welcome. Kit, all the best with yiur build - I've built a couple of electrics, typically Strat replica and Les Paul. Les Paul turned out well and plays well too. These days all about acoustic.

    Mike, motors,c ontrol all purchased and work well - with a bit of help from MYCNCUK.......



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