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    I need to cut a name out of mdf, how do I get a to cut a name out in one. Most fonts have spaces between the letters.

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    Not clear what your question is? What are you trying to achieve?

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    You could look up cursive fonts, or look into font kerning.

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    In the kind of CAD software that most of us use (Vectric Vcarve, Fusion 360, etc) you can create your lettering and then treat it as a set of editable vectors representing the outline of the letters to which you can add your own joining pieces. Not difficult. So, first question is how you are designing your lettering and why won't it let you do this?

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    I often cheat, and put the text I want into the Google Fonts website, preview it nice and big, then screenshot it and create the vectors from that image. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but whenever I use VCarve to create text vectors from true type fonts it gets a bit messy.

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    Use a script font which is the normal way these are done or you would have to draw bridging pieces & then use the weld function on your software to join it all together as one piece

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