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    I'm a computer programmer with interests in engineering, woodwork, electronics, embedded systems etc.

    I've been interested in CNC for a while both as a means to expand my engineering and woodwork hobbies and also as the 'ultimate' computer peripheral.

    I've currently got a rough and ready 'Rockliffe' design which is using 'proper' linear slides and acme screws.

    I'm also considering the purchase and conversion of an X3 milling machine...


  2. Welcome to the forums !,

    That is a great start i look forward to seeing your machine, do you have a build log or some pics you could post in the DIY Build section ?



    Cant wait to see your build mate, i'm only down the road or is it up the road ? (Wigan).

    Kind Regards,

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    Thanks all for your kind welcome. I've posted pics in the relevant section - along with the relevant excuses ;)

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    I converted an X3 really happy with it now, after a lot of problems with Gecko's and servo motors. Still I have modifications to do but they are minor.

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