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    So time has come to sell my router. Losing my garage so have no where for it anymore. Its approx 900 x 600 x 160 travels. All aluminium construction sitting on a steel, fully enclosed frame.
    Electrics. Uc300eth motion controller with 4 4nm stepper motors wired bipolar parallel. Rapids are about 15000mm/min. 2 motors on the long axis. 1610 ballscrews on all axis and hgr20 rails on all axis. 2.2kw water cooled spindle which turns on and off and adjusts speed through the software. Delta vfd. Auto tool setter. Plumbing in place for coolant spray. Software is uccnc. Fully licensed. Price includes high spec gaming laptop but can do it cheaper if you provide your own laptop as I'd like to keep it. 3000ONO photos are in the link below

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