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    Good Day All,

    Sorry If this is in thr wrong section.

    I have a home built CNC router running mach 3. Was built in 2011.

    Long story short.... Left machine running a finishing pass on some vacuum forming molds came back once finished and the spindle was sitting very randomly spinning in a none natrul way. https://youtube.com/shorts/OUIfTT_EAKI

    Parts I have changed thus far....

    A new pmdx 126 and 107 board have been fitted.

    If any one can shed any light onto this i will be greatful as you all know, Its an expesive table if its not cutting.

    Thank you in advance

    regards Tom

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    Have you checked for a broken connection at the spindle or somewhere along the cable where it gets a lot of flex
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    If i had enabled the spindle and it was doing that i would understand wiring but thats only just enabling Mach 3 before its referenced,

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    What actually switches on/tells the VFD to power the spindle?
    BOB output? via a relay? MODbus? ??
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    I have a PMDX 126 (BOB) then a PMDX 107 options card that controls the VFD

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