Firstly I would like to apologise for my complete lack of technical knowledge. I am a bit useless when it comes to these sorts of things. Ideally I would like to pay someone to come and aort my machine (Southampton) but the companies I have found are charging more than the machine cost in the first place!

I bought a chinese copy of Redsail x700 which is an 80watt machine with 700mm x 500mm bed. This is as a hobby mqchinr and a few small projects, not for production use as such. I bought it 2nd hand and saw the machine working.

I got it back to my work unit and other work has got in the way and not done anything with it for a few months.

Anyway I have tried to set it up last couple of days but run into some problems. Firstly the machine does not move on the Y axis (it physically does move but not with arrow keys on the controller - X axis works fine).

Secondly I have tried to connect it to LightBurn, both automatically and manually and I cannot connect it at all.

Please can anyone help. As i say more than happy to pay for someone to come and give me some pointers and try and help or even do so over facetime etc and I will again pay for your time. Much appreciated.