Hi, I have a Denford Triac - I think it was the PC version. It was upgraded in about the year 2000 to a dos based AHHA/Artisan system.

I recently stripped it fully (every single bit of wiring and old electronics removed) and now have it fully rewired Running Mach4 + ESS + MB3, touchscreen etc. It has a 6 gang tool changer carousel and a BT35 spindle powered by pneumatics (pneumatics also removed and renewed for new).

It was working perfectly, but now it doesn't want to pickup tools anymore on the spindle. It releases fine but now does not seem to open far enough to allow a new tool to enter into the spindle far enough for it to grip and pick it up. I have tried it holding the tool in my hands and manually setting the spindle to release and pickup.

I do rmember the guy I bought it off mentioning I may need to top up oil in the spindle from time to time, but this was a few years ago and cannot rmember what he said.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I tried asking on the Denford forum, but this forum seems to be dead for all intents and purposes.