Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. I'm trying to get my new to me AXYZ 4010 up and running. The machine powers on, runs the spindle warmup routine, and the gantry can be moved using the keypad on the SubConsole. I'm having difficulties connecting to the machine via PC.

Windows 7 finds the USB to RS485 converter (Model 485-1A) when plugged into my PC and adds it as new hardware, but I don't think it has the correct drivers installed. From reading around, it seems the drivers were supplied on a "Toolpath CD" which I don't have a copy of.

The software which I do have on the PC (which I am guessing is used to communicate to the machine) is "A2MC Setup.exe" and "axyz_dnc.exe". Both open fine, but when I hit "Connect" it cannot find the machine either automatically, or manually using different IPs. I think the issue is the USB to RS485 converter, hopefully it is just a driver issue and not an issue with the converter itself.

Does anyone have a copy of the Toolpath CD, or the drivers from the disc?

Thanks, Bob.