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    Hi all, i had been looking for a cnc discord for a while which is more aimed at the hobbyist / semi-pro level. As I was unable to find any except some fragmented specific product ones I have decided to create my own.
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    The goal of this new cnczone discord channel is to create an active, supportive and friendly community for DIY CNC and cnc enthusiasts to discuss cnc machine builds, coupon codes for popular cnc aliexpress stores, discuss business opportunities, stay up to date with new CNC podcasts and relevant youtube videos.

    As the cnczone discord grows the aim is to create exclusive discounts and opportunities for its members in the cnc realm.

    If you are interested feel free to share & join.

    Kind regards,




    Some of the implemented features are:

    CNC podcast bot - keep up to date with interesting CNC podcasts

    CNC youtube bot - keep up to date with interesting CNC youtube videos

    Instagram bot - keep up to date with several interesting cnc Instagram channels (note limited to 2 at this moment due to free option...)

    Topics regarding monetizing cnc machining and youtube channels

    Various coupon codes and small giveaways

    The goal in the future is to do regular giveaways of endmills etc through sponsored lotteries
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    Until about 6 weeks ago there was a CNCzone that was worth following.It became unuseable and impossible to log in ,so might I qualify for this new arena?

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    CNCzone as a forum has long been dead. Posted some stuff on there before and barely any clicks. Reddit groups did 1000x better.
    The goal of this is to build a big, longstanding and well managed community.

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