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    I'm currently running a 5.5kW 3-Phase spindle with a Mitsubishi FR-D740-120-EC VFD. I want to switch this CNC router to solar power and I don't really want to invest into a 3-Phase inverter(s) since the servos are run by Mitsubishi MR-R-70AG-KH003 drivers and these can be powered by a 1-Phase power supply. I don't know the name of this air-cooled spindle either since I bought this machine used almost 10 years ago and there is just a generic label with the CNC manufacturer.

    I would like to buy the best Chinese spindle and VFD I can get from Alibaba/AliExpress. Preferably a water cooled one a preferably one that can go above 24 000 rpm. I know most of these spindles are only 2.2kW and I'm ok with that. Or maybe I should just buy the spindle from China and the VFD locally from Mitsubishi or other reputable seller?

    Any suggestions?

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    Check out Jian-Ken spindles. They're not the cheapest, but I've been running one for a few years now and it's been good. I use a Sunfar VFD with it.

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    Give BST Automation a try, they are the main "go to" we usually recommend to each other on forum, Fred has been serving our community for years :)

    Link: https://bstmotion.aliexpress.com/sto...match_sort&g=y

    Be sure to let him know we sent you, with Fred/BST you will get a genuine Huanyang VFD/setup, there are many fakes out there !

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    Thank you Roberts,thanks for your kindly introduce and trust.

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    Hi Rando,so glad to meet you here,I'm Fred from BST AUTOMATION.
    1)The Mitsubishi FR-D740-120-EC are in 3 phase also,right?
    2)We can offer the 5.5kw 220v spindle and inverter as your request;
    3)The motor in 5.5kw,220V,water cooled type,24000rpm,400hz,with 125mm diameter body and ER25 collet and 4 bearings inside.
    4)Are you feel free to advise what kinds of material you are generally machining for?thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voicecoil View Post
    Check out Jian-Ken spindles. They're not the cheapest, but I've been running one for a few years now and it's been good. I use a Sunfar VFD with it.
    Thanks. Should I go with constant power (JGH-105/2.2) or constant torque (JGD-105/2.2) model?

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    That will depend on what you're using your machine for. For instance if you're machining wood and running at full rpm most of the time, then a constant torque spindle is probably better. If on the other hand you're working with metal and need a range of rpm to suit the optimum cutting speed with different size cutters and materials then the constant power will likely be better as you get more torque at lower rpm.

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