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    Hi I am looking for a CNC lathe ideally something that run on single phase but i can get a phase converter.

    I would like something that can cut threads and have ATC I mainly make small parts but i do make from bar so thru bore ideally 20-30mm

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    Have a mint Denford 270 looking for 5500 with licence and 2D software.
    PM if interested.

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    Would a Hardinge CHNC converted onto a modern controller be of interest? I run this off Single Phase post conversion. It's a decent machine, great tolerances, might be 'more' than you need.

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    Hi Chaz yes could be interesting can you send me any details/ images?

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    Yep, can do. Let me get some images together.

    Here's some videos of it doing its first test cuts after the conversion.



    I still have a bit of wiring to tidy up and sort, then remount the controller panel and the lathe would be good to go. How much of a rush are you in?

    This is a fairly hefty machine. No offence to the Denford seller but its a toy in comparison. It all depends on what you need and if you can manage with a hobby style vs more industrial style machine.

    Its been rewired to run off single phase. The spindle is 7KW Servo which is powered by its own VFD. The machine runs off a 32A Single Phase Supply. You will also need compressed air to run the machine as a lot of the ATC functions etc are pneumatic, this might be a showstopper for you.

    Ive got about 40-50 toolholders too for the ATC setup which means that you would have more than enough options for various ATC layouts. You can also still buy the ATC 'plates' on Ebay, not that pricy.

    Its got 2 collet holders for the spindle for the common sizes I use, you would need to get more as needed. They are 16C collets.

    Mine is the CNHC4 version of the machine. These hold amazing tolerances and I'm only selling as we are investing in our property.

    If you look them up on Youtube you will see loads of video, USA made machine, still very popular there.

    Send me a PM with your number if you wanted to call / discuss in more details.


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