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    Very tempting!

    Though I think 80x80 is a bit overkill for me. I was thinking of using 60x60 heavy. It will also halve the price. Do you have any of those lying around by any chance?

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    That size profile is mad expensive been looking at the 40's and 60's myself :)

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    kjn LINK

    They also do ready made benches, but i think they are all a bit flimsy. They might just fall over when your gantry stops suddenly.

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    Think I am going to have some phonecalls to make tomorrow when everywhere opens back up :) I have found a few suppliers and will contact them tom or Tuesday :)

    This one seems to do everything as well, what is the metric equivalent of the 8020 available in the states?


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    Hey monza, i forgot all about AS they are about 15mins down the road from me too. I'v spoken on the phone with the guy that runs it he is ok to speak to, let us know how you get on.


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    Just spoken to him about the extrusions. He has a 100 minimum order but his prices seem reasonable. Will probably order it from him when I get my design finalised. Only thing is he doesn't do collection so I have to trust the couriers will get it to me straight and in one piece.

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    As a side note, the 60T Blade i used was from ebay @ 24.99 inc p&p, yes thats right inc p&p
    Old thread I know...but..you got robbed Lee, 9.85 for a 80TCT aluminium cutter blade in Toolstation.

    Your profile is thin so it doesn't take much to slice through that. :whistling:

    Been cutting 20mmx70mm bar with mine....like a knife through butter.:dance:

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    You could also try http://www.automation-supplies.com/ for your extrusion. Thats who I used for mine. Ordered specific lengths so I would'nt need to recut them. Good quality cuts and all parts well packaged.


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    Hiya, Personally I use a Bandsaw now :heehee:

    Cuts everything sooooo well! Especially metals.

    My thanks to ebay for finding a bargain 2nd hand machine mart one

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    Thanks Lee for this post - I'm about to start my build and looking for reasonable price blades!

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