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    I've always been interested in people's backgrounds, and how they ended up where they're at. I think it's especially valuable for the greybeards to tell their stories, give advice and warn of pitfalls. I hope this is allowed!

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    I'll start but I'm still a youngling really. I had a passive interest in robotics, CNC and additive manufacturing through my late teens. I thought it was all very futuristic and labour-saving, dreaming of Iain M Bank's Culture utopia where nobody works and the robots do everything. I did an engineering NVQ 2 and then a mechanical engineering degree, while this was happening the business I work for bought a 4'x4' 3-axis CNC to make the routine dry-cast mould-making and engraving work easier, and to turn out more complex custom work. Now I run this little arm of things!

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